Who is Credible Carbon?

At Tweak, we’ve partnered with Credible Carbon, a registry that sells credits from carbon removal projects that are independently audited against carbon market standards approved by the UNFCCC.

Credible Carbon is a transparent and robust carbon trading system that helps support projects in South Africa that are part of the country's climate change solution. Their primary focus is on creating emission reduction projects that help alleviate poverty in local communities.

Every Credible Carbon project is independently audited and must comply with the Credible Carbon Standard, which involves answering four grounding questions:

  1. Is the project real and up and running?
  2. Is the planned technology functioning as intended?
  3. Is the quantification of carbon in line with accepted norms?
  4. Does the project make a discernible impact on poverty?

Credible Carbon's audits are conducted by independent and recognized entities involving site visits and beneficiary interviews. They apply simpler, voluntary carbon market processes, rather than those used by other standards, which helps reduce costs for small, poverty alleviating projects.

At Tweak, we believe that Credible Carbon's approach aligns with our values of supporting real projects that benefit real people. In fact, across their projects, between 60% and 80% of net carbon revenue is returned to the project beneficiaries as cash or reinvestment.

We're thrilled to work with Credible Carbon and are confident that our users can trust them to provide high-quality offsets that align with our mission to reduce the carbon footprint of our community.

For more information on Credible Carbon please visit their website

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