Why is my quiz data footprint so different from my transaction data footprint?

Are you noticing a significant difference between your quiz data footprint and your transaction data footprint on Tweak? If so, there are a few potential reasons why this might be happening.

1. Firstly, it's possible that the bank account you've connected to Tweak doesn't fully reflect your actual carbon footprint.

a. You might be missing transactions in which case you may need to connect other bank accounts or credit cards to ensure that all transactions are accounted for.

b. You might also be paying for expenses that should not be included in your footprint, such as expenses for others - we do divide your food and household expenses by the number of people who live in your household and that you buy groceries for which you answered in the quiz. Please check that number under settings to ensure it's accurate.

2. Secondly, it's possible that you may have underestimated or overestimated your carbon footprint on the quiz. For example, you may have provided incorrect information about your fuel expenses or overestimated your electricity usage. Double-check your quiz responses to ensure their accuracy.

3. Thirdly, it's possible that some transactions are being miscategorised on your Tweak account. Check the category tab and select "other” categories to see if any transactions are not being added to your footprint that should be. You can also re-categorise 

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