When / why should I re-categorise a transaction?

To accurately calculate the carbon footprint of your transactions, it's important to ensure that they are correctly categorised. Our methodology takes into account the different emissions associated with each transaction category, so if a transaction is mislabeled, the resulting carbon footprint may be inaccurate. 22Seven’s categorisation engine is powerful but it can make mistakes from time to time, that’s when we will need your help!

For example, if you buy clothes at Woolworths, the transaction may be categorised as food instead of clothing, which would lead to an incorrect carbon footprint calculation. By recategorising the transaction as clothing, the resulting carbon footprint will reflect the emissions associated with producing and transporting clothes.

Similarly, if you purchase books from a secondhand bookstore but our algorithm assumes they are new books, the carbon footprint calculation will be higher than it should be. By specifying that the books are secondhand, the carbon footprint of your purchase will be corrected to zero, which is a more accurate reflection of the emissions associated with your transaction.

For more information about our methodology and how we calculate carbon footprints, please refer to our documentation here.

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