Why do so many of my transactions not have a footprint / are categorised as “other” on my account?

Do you ever notice that only some of your transactions on your Tweak account have a carbon footprint, while others are categorised as "other"? We want to explain why this is the case.

At Tweak, we believe that personal responsibility is crucial when it comes to reducing your carbon footprint. That's why we exclude certain transactions, such as doctor's appointments and rent, from your carbon footprint calculation. These services do produce emissions, but they are not directly under your control or influence.

However, we do include food-related services, like Uber Eats and restaurants, in your carbon footprint calculation because you have a choice in these areas. By focusing on the emissions that you can directly control and influence, like energy use in your home, transportation, and food choices, we can empower you to take action and reduce your emissions.

Including emissions generated by services that are not under your control could detract from this goal. For example, emissions from a university building are already included in the university's carbon footprint. Including them in your individual carbon footprint would result in double-counting.

If you see many transactions categorised as "other" on your Tweak account, it's because we prioritise areas that you have control over, and we exclude non-food related services to keep the calculation of your carbon footprint simple. However, you can still view and re-categorise these transactions by clicking on the "other" category option in case they were incorrectly categorised. 

In conclusion, we want to help you reduce your carbon footprint by emphasising personal responsibility and focusing on areas that you can control and influence.

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